The CTT® is specifically designed by Michael and Bart Bellon® to fulfil the needs of most modern dog trainers who need fine tuning, roughness in exterior, toughness, practicality and realistic features. The CTT® is tuned by Martin System technology. The CTT® is specially designed to be practical and easy to use. Modern dog training is based on timing, minimum motion from the handler and discretion towards the environment. Due to different ways to affix the CTT® to your body and due to the discretion of the Finger-Kick: your transmitter can be invisible.

Program modes:


- Level "0" is  clicker.

- Stimulation with tone and vibration

- Stimulation without tone and vibration

- Flash stimulation (1/4 second) with tone and vibration

- Flash stimulation (1/4 second) without tone and vibration

- Rising stimulation with tone and vibration

- Rising stimulation without tone and vibration

- Warning tone (1second) followed by stimulation with tone and vibration

- 18 stimulation levels


Waterproof with short unbreakable antenna.




Program options:

- Two identification codes (can be used as two dog system) with two preprogrammed buttons for each identification code

- Compatible with the Martin Systems Finger-Kick - a bluetooth transmitter (25m range) that is a ring for your finger that can be paired to a button on your transmitter (Hands free control of your transmitter)

- compatible with Chameleon® collar receivers and the Micro collar by Martin Sy