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Probiotics help stabilize the intestinal flora. Probiotics consists of lactic acid bacteria that have a good effect in a disturbance of the intestinal flora, for example in diarrhoea, constipation, stress situations, antibiotic treatment, dietary changes or other digestive problems.

Probiotics are often given after a worm cure to stabilize the intestinal flora again.


Probiotics are beneficial strains of bacteria that promote good intestinal flora. This is important for digestion and resistance. The use of probiotics can be useful with a changing diet, travel or with a course of antibiotics.

For regular bowel movements.

A probiotic can help with bowel movements as it regulates bowel movements. It helps to make the stool thicker or softer.

With antibiotics

There is some evidence that probiotics may have beneficial effects in supporting bowel movements with antibiotic use.

Pregnancy and young animals

An unborn fetus is dependent on the mother for proper bowel function. During childbirth, the mother gives her young the good bacteria that are necessary for this. There are indications that probiotics during pregnancy are beneficial for the development of the immune system and the intestinal flora of the young animal.


In seniors, bowel movements and bowel function can change, for example as a result of medication. Probiotics can be a good support for the gut in many cases.



Glucose, mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), brewer's yeast, inulin (FOS chicory fiber) kycklinprotein, amino acids (taurine), minerals (zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, potassium), vitamins (dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (White E), retinyl acetate (Vit A), cholecalciferol (white D3), biotin)


Organic Zootechnical Additive

Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415 / 4b1707. 1.8 x 10 (12) CFU/kg

Analytical components:

Protein 8.7%

Fat 2.4%

Ash 7.4%

Plant thread 0%

water 1.2%

Energy 4 kcal / g


E3a672a Vitamin A 2000 IU/kg

E3a671 Vitamin D3 200 IU/kg

E3a700 Vitamin E 25mg/kg

E3a880 Biotin 40 µg/kg

E3a370 Taurine 600mg/kg

E2 Iodine 100 µg/kg

E5 Manganese 0.3mg/kg

E6 Zinc 0.8mg/kg

General health Probiotica 40 gram

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