Set TT4FK with Micro collar:

The Tiny Trainer for Finger-Kick – TT4FK

The TT4FK is essentially a Tiny Trainer 400 with a few important modifications. The new TT4FK is a transmitter that can be used with a Finger-Kick—so now we have an affordable little transmitter that is HANDS FREE. The charging of the unit has been changed to rechargeable battery Additionally, the levels have been changed.
In the factory level setting, the first 8 of the nine levels go up smoothly and are identical to the levels 1 through 8 on the PT3000. Level 9 is identical to Level 11 on the PT3000.
In the extended level setting, level 1 is equal to the level 1 on the PT3000 and each further level on the TT4FK jumps two levels from the PT3000. Level 9 is the level 18 of the PT3000.
Also, the display now has a battery indication so the user can see when the TT4FK needs to be charged.


The Finger-Kick

The patented Finger-Kick is paired with your Martin System remote control and allows you to wirelessly trigger the remote’s stim button in a hands-free fashion.

  • Thanks to the hands-Free “Finger Kick” you can go about your daily business while maintaining immediate control of your pet
  • Operates within a radius of up to 25 m of the transmitter.


The Micro SSC Collar

The MICRO receiver is patented with the S.S.C. stimulation (constant sensation stimulation) meaning that the receiver is constantly measuring the conditions of the skin of the dog. Very important if you train in the water or under extreme weather conditions. Example: you cannot overstimulate your dog when he comes out of the water, because the S.S.C. receiver automatically reduces the stimulation feeling, without you turning the level lower.

Be certain when you put the collar receiver on the dog’s neck that the contact points have contact with the skin of the dog. The MICRO Collar Receiver has a feature to show you if there is contact. If the contact points on the collar receiver are not making contact with the dog's skin, the LED lights will keep blinking on the receiver. When contact is achieved, the LED lights will stop blinking. The default setting is that the receiver checks for contact between the contact points and the skin for two minutes. In order to conserve battery, after two minutes this feature is turned off. Customization of this feature (changes from factory default setting) is possible with the purchase of the available “Emily” USB stick.


  • Waterproof
  • Stainless steel probes
  • Rechargeable
  • Charged in 4 hours
  • Overcharging prevention
  • Dimensions: 22x35x55
  • Weight: 34g
  • Compatible with all Martin System transmitters.
  • Microprocessor-controlled stimulation
  • A multitude of possible programmings:
    • Sound, Vibration, Sound and Vibration, Clicker, Warning, Rising stimulation ...
  • Simple programming by magnetic key

SET TINY TRAINER 4 FINGER_KICK & MICRO COLLAR Tiny Trainer Remote Control with F