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Professional Dogtrainer

I 've been living amongst dogs since my childhood. As a little boy I accompanied my brothers to the dogclub. Very soon those dogclubs became my ‘world’. Even if I didn’t know much at that time I was really fascinated by those creatures. I tried hard to see and understand as much as possible. Finally when I was 12 years old I got my own dog. His name was ‘Kim’. He was already 10 years old but  I didn’t care. My first steps into ‘Belgian ringsport’ were set. I tried as hard as possible to manage things but I must admit that my dog was my ‘teacher’. The proces of learning never stopped. In the meantime I know that every dog is different but there is a way to make them work harder and get the best out of them. I am eager to share those experiences

My fascination became my passion. I put on the ‘decoy suit’ the first time at the age of 15. Since then I never put it aside. Training dogs became the main goal in my life. I achieved very good results with as well my own dogs as dogs from other owners. Self trained dogs became part of police units and all this with very good results.

Since many years I am a decoy in Hoboken Vinkevelden where I work very hard to assist every member and let them grow.

Dog training is a process that never stops. Therefor I follow seminars and others to keep up with the newest ways of training,  especially seminars of Bart Bellon. 

As stated before dog training is my way of living and I am convinced that I can give anyone a way of moving further, handle issues or start from puppy and build up with the right vision and training.



  • Certified NePoPo® Trainer

  • More then 15 years experience with NePoPo® System


NePoPo® Trainer

E-collar Certification

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