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I have almost 2 decades of training experience in the NePoPo® system, not only as a dog trainer but also as a professional decoy. I met a lot of handlers, worldwide over the seminaries, (Europe, USA, South America, Australia) camps, and workshops (sport, gouverment, pet owners, and military cels) . I’ve noticed that people quite often don’t know how to apply the theory into practice. They struggle to move from the basic training to more advance. During coaching sessions with my students and colleagues I’ve realized that sometimes people “do” but don’t understand “why”, and often using dog’s characteristics as an excuse. When you know how to work with the dog, there is no difference what type of the dog you have, what is his destination or breed.

Therefore, I’ve decided to become a NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator, to help people to grow and develop. Push them to move out from the comfort zone and become a better dog trainer and handler.  

What can you expect from me?

I will use all the years of me experience and share this know-how with you



Available in Belgium or worldwide at your preferred place.

Different languages possible.




. You will learn how to: 

  • apply theory in practice, 

  • use tools, 

  • build motivation 

  • teach your dog to learn (learn to learn)

  • and much more


What will I expect from you? 

Motivation, commitment, and open mind. 

You need to have dog. It can be sport dog, working dog or pet dog. 


How will the classes look like?

  • 5-day (min. 5 days – min. 40 hours)

  • We will prepare the individual training plan for you

  • We will agree the timeline and slots for your practical training

  • You will also work at home and report your progress

  • We will meet in the group for discussion




Do you want to join journey for NePoPo® Gold? Don’t wait. Apply!

For more info contact:


Events are worldwide available

- in group 

- one on one 






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New Gold Schools 2024
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