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I offer the possibillity to guide seminars/workshops all over the world. These include as well theoritical and practical courses about the NePoPo® system from Bart and Michael Bellon. As a member of the same club at Hoboken Vinkevelden it is a real opportunity for me to share my experience and knowledge.

Private Training

Private sessions dogsport training in different disciplines. Tailormade sessions. Bitework is also an option. This is also possible worldwide


With all my experience I can say that I have coached different teams succesfully
From dogsport people to public services such as  police , army, … 
I am also capable to solve any kind of issues that you encounter within your specific work domain. 

E-collar Training

Are you only interested in the correct use of e-collars? Also this is a service that I offer in a professional way. You will learn everything about the different collars and the use of it. 

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Online Training

It is possible to have an online training session with me also

One by one training online or you can follow an online seminar. The online seminars you always can follow in events.


Take contact for more info and an appointment

Dog Equipment

You can buy professional protection material here and I will give you advice and ship it worldwide.

Same for e-collars from Martin System™ (Chameleon® and others). These will be sold with the necessary information and after sales questions.

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