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The MICRO receiver is patented with the S.S.C. stimulation (constant sensation stimulation) meaning that the receiver is constandly measuring the conditions of the skin of the dog. Very important if you train in the water or under extreme weather conditions. Example: you cannot overstimulate your dog when he comes out of the water, because the S.S.C. receiver automaticcaly reduces the stimulation feeling, without you turning the level lower.


Be certain when you put the collar receiver on the dogs neck that the contact points have contact with the skin of the dog. The MICRO Collar Receiver has a feature to show you if there is contact. If the contact points on the collar receiver are not making contact with the dog's skin, the LED lights will keep blinking on the receiver. When contact is achieved, the LED lights will stop blinking. The default setting is that the receiver checks for for contact between the contact points and the skin for two minutes. In order to conserve battery, after two minutes this feature is turned off. Customization of this feature (changes from factory default setting) is possible with the purchase of the available USB stick. See: USB Stick Emily.


This MICRO collar receiver is compatible with all of the Martin System transmitters with exception of TT100 & TT200. If you decide to buy only the MICRO collar receiver, keep in mind that the charger and the adapter are NOT included.





    Stainless steel probes


    Charged in 4 hours

    Overcharging prevention

    Dimensions: 22x35x55

    Weight: 34g


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